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WaterProof Auvi-Q Caddy

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Keep your Auvi-Q™/AllerJect with you safely at the beach, water park, and pool with this waterproof caddy.  Slip it onto your belt or wear it around your neck for quick access. 


  • Patented leakproof/airtight seal. Certified waterproof to 200ft
  • Can safely hold 2 Auvi-Q™/AllerJect epinephrine auto-injectors and single dose Benadryl OR your inhaler with single dose Benadryl.
  • Protects against water, dust, dirt, and sand!
  • Includes adjustable neck/shoulder strap, belt loops, and 2- 3" x 6" leakproof/airtight loksaks.
  • Made in the USA

Side Note: You should take your Auvi-Q™ / Allerject Auto-Injector everywhere you go, but make sure to keep Auvi-Q™ stored between 68°F to 77°F in general, and 59°F to 86°F in excursion. Additionally, like other epinephrine auto-injectors, Auvi-Q™ is light sensitive and should be not refrigerated. Before using, patients should check to make sure the solution is clear and colorless. If it's discolored, cloudy, or contains particles, Auvi-Q™ should be replaced. Additional Auvi-Q™ information

A defective bag will be replaced if returned within 30 days after purchase. All returns and exchanges must have a RMA code.