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Children's Allergy Free Recipes

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Over 40 recipes in this children's cookbook for parents seeking to cook quick and easy meals and snacks for children with food allergies (and those without food allergies). These recipes do not call for any peanuts, tree-nuts or eggs in any of the ingredients. In this peanut free, tree-nut free and egg free cookbook, you will find recipes that kids of any age will enjoy, such as, healthy smoothies, delicious snacks, irresistible desserts and tasty lunch and dinner recipes. No weird substitutes like egg replacers. Only ingredients already in your pantry. A few of my family favorites include Basic Muffins, Grammy's Meatballs, Amish Eclair Pudding Delight and Philly Chili Cheesy Dip.

About the Author

Biography Lora Elizabeth Cipriano is a stay at home mom. She earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland, University College and her Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University. She lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and children.